I love yoga. It’s freaking awesome. Have I healed myself of a disease or healed physical injury through yoga? No. But what I have healed is my relationship with myself and my body and that rocks my world. I feel confident and beautiful when I step off my mat and into the world. I show up with more compassion and love for everyone and everything around me. I feel strong in my body and my mind is clear to hear my inner wisdom.

Yes, you can heal physical, emotional and spiritual distress through yoga. It’s about showing up and facing your struggles everyday on the mat.

Every day we need to CREATE time to nurture our souls and yoga is a divine way to EXPLORE who we really are. Yoga is a holistic approach to health, healing and living. It works the body as a whole, complete system. The body is a vehicle for the SOUL and that means it is our job to take care of it. With yoga we start to feel relaxed, strong and the mind begins to quiet down. We become more in tune to our sacred selves and divine INTUITION guides us on our Earth journey.

The reality is our lives are packed with so much that we find it hard to stop and take a breath much less make it to a scheduled yoga class. Yoga with Paige is about making yoga ACCESSIBLE to you. In your everyday hectic life it can be challenging to make it to a yoga class at the gym or yoga studios. The class times might not fit with your work, parenting or school schedule. LIVE YOUR LIFE and have a private yoga class to fit into your schedule.

Some Benefits of Yoga

  • Anxiety and depression decrease
  • Peace of mind
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle toning
  • Energy level and endurance increases
  • Improved sleep
  • Memory, attention and concentration improves
  • Flexibility increases
  • Detoxifies the internal organs and glands
  • You feel strong and secure in your body
  • You awaken to who you are


My classes are CHALLENGING, sweaty, fun or oh-so-gentle if that’s what your body is calling for, taking you on a physical and spiritual journey to know your true self. I create individualized yoga classes for my clients’ body and lifestyle, making it a unique and personal experience.

Private one hour sessions in your home or office:

Single                                     $125.00


Package of 5                         $625.00

Package of 10                       $1,250.00

Corporate:                            Corporate packages are offered in packages of ten for up to 15 people for one hour sessions for $1250.00.


If you’re interested in private yoga sessions and live in the NYC area, contact me at paige@paigehinton.com.

“Paige’s session with me left me feeling strong and exhilarated. Her flow is graceful and invigorating all at once. Every part of my body felt thoroughly addressed and aligned. It’s a perfect start to my day.”  ~Melissa Lampert (photographer)

About Paige

Her biggest goal is to make yoga accessible to women with busy schedules.

Her biggest goal is to make yoga accessible to women with busy schedules.

Paige Hinton is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She is a yoga teacher based in NYC known for her insights, playfulness, compassion for people of types, sense of humor and deep love for yoga. She brings a unique guidance and teaching style to her students to facilitate they’re transformation physically and spiritually. Her only desire is for you, the eternal student of life, is to have your own beautiful experience of yoga.

Paige has been a professional dancer in New York City for the past 17 Years and brings her love of movement to her yoga sequencing with creative play on the mat while focusing on proper alignment to allow space in the body for healing and allow prana (life force) to flow through your amazing body. Yoga philosophy is infused through the practice with warm, tender love and laughter.

Paige specializes in guiding beginners who are new to their yoga journey through advanced students who are continuing to show up every day to their beautiful practice.

Her biggest goal is to make yoga accessible to women with busy schedules.

Training: This Georgia Peach moved to NYC and after retiring from her professional dancing career. She has studied with Dana Flynn, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Ali Cramer and Sheri Celentano at Laughing Lotus School of Yoga. She has her prenatal yoga certification with Mia Borgatta and completed her kids yoga teacher training with Lauren Maples, owner of Bija Kids.

You can find Paige with her online videos (coming soon) and work privately with her in NYC.

*Private sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or the session will be deducted from your package.