My name is Paige. I used to wake up in the mirror every day and hoping  I did not gain weight. Insanity, right?


I had body issues.

I did not have weight issues but I lived on a diet because I was a dancer.

Instead of overeating I over exercised. I danced. I worked out.

I dieted or starved for a day if I did eat that darn cookie.

I'm a KICK-ASS coach in her 40's ready to take you back to the place you deserve. I help women like you to get their life back instead of obsessing about your body, food, aging, what diet to follow and how to take care of you.

Maybe you don’t feel you have lost your mojo but imagine if you embraced your 40’s like it was your 20’s


I am here for you. I teach women how to create wellness in their life, lose weight, own their body, their voice and sound boundaries so they can live the ultimate transformation and feel sexy 86,400 seconds a day.


Is this you?

You're exhausted, need to lose Lose weight, hate how you look in the mirror, consumed by what diet to eat, feels down on yourself, lost your mojo, feel unsexy, dislike how you look in your clothes, lost yourself with kids and life AND you put everyone else first.


I have a clear system to get you to your desired results.

My 5 pillars of a healthy lifestyle:


Yoga   Mindset   Health   Balance   Spirituality


Work With Me


Psst..when you focus on getting healthy and live a life from wellness, weight loss is a easy and blissful side effect.



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Paige's insights...When life Inspires me, I share those blessings with you. Come here to get the latest news from me.


Join Me on the Mat


Yoga is a healing practice that can change your life but you must try it to in order to actually feel the changes Come join me on the mat.


Paige’s session with me left me feeling strong and exhilarated. Her flow is graceful and invigorating all at once. Every part of my body felt thoroughly addressed and aligned. It’s a perfect start to my day.” ~Melissa Lampert (photographer)