Deep Nourishment for the New Year


Hey, I have an idea…

This year instead of focusing on weight loss, let’s focus on providing Deep Nourishment to our bodies.

What do I mean by deep nourishment? It’s actually really easy if you don’t overthink it. It is taking care of your whole body at the same time.

When you nourish your body with whole, delicious foods, weight loss will be a by-product of the nourishment your giving your body.When you eat healthy foods, you’re helping your ease your mind from the stress we all feel about gaining weight. When you take your focus off dieting, you can hear your spirit talking and can follow your hearts desires instead of hiding because you're unhappy your “fat” (exact words spoken from one of my clients).

When you work on one part of your life…whether it is something to do with your body or mind… body or life every other part of your being is affected because our bodies are ONE…not unconnected parts.

Here are some deep nourishment actions to take:

  1. Instead of looking in the mirror and hating your body. Look in the mirror and give loving vibes to your body. Say “I love you” and thank you your body for being strong and supporting you on planet Earth.
  1. Instead of going on a crash diet in the New Year, DECIDE to eat more fruits and veggies…. plain and simple. When you fill up on fruits and vegetables your satisfied and actually don’t want chips and cookies or fried chicken wings. Don’t allow yourself to be another New Year’s resolution statistic on failed weight loss. Be the change your seeking by changing your approach to eating fresh whole foods cooked simply.
  1. Take time to breathe on a daily basis. Sounds kind of silly since you automatically breathe on your own. What I am referring to is deep, relaxing breathing. Breathe in for four counts, hold your breath for four counts and breathe out for six counts. When your exhale is longer than your inhale, it allows your body to slip into “rest and digest” mode instead of “fight or flight” mode. If you can do this for 5 minutes in the morning I know your day and outlook will be different.
  1. Drop the crazy gym workouts that leave you so sore that you can’t sit down on the toilet without dire pain (been there) and choose movement that works best for you. If you’re a runner and that makes you happy, do it. If you’re participating in HIIT workouts at the gym but hate it and are in pain then head to a vinyasa class or walk in the park with your friend. Not everyone is meant to do athletic intensity training such as Cross fit. Do what is right for your body.
  1. Instead of hating your life and everything that has gone wrong in your life over the last year, bless it instead. Yep, I said bless your life. Send gratitude to the lessons you had to learn the hard way that made you stronger. Be grateful for the challenges, the debt, the failed relationships and all. These experiences have given you an amazing opportunity to get to know yourself better.
  1. Take full responsibility for everything in your life. If you're not happy with anything in your life then you have the power to change it. No one or no thing has made your life the way it is. We make decisions every day that lead us up to where we are in the here and now. Don’t like it? Accept it with full responsibility, and work toward changing it. Cut the blame game and take your power back.

The last 5 tips might have been hard to take in, but deep nourishment means taking a look at your life and making necessary changes to get you to where you want to be and enjoy life. As you take the above steps, you begin to get to the roots of who you are and an amazing relationship will be created. Drop the love/hate relationship that got you to 20 pounds overweight or unhappy with your life. Blessings.