Work With Me

Don’t you want to feel good when you wake up in the morning?

Do you want to thrive?

How would it feel to wake up with energy and ready to accomplish your goals that day?

When you look in the mirror do you love what you see and say “Hello Beautiful instead of Ugh?

Instead of miracle face creams (which don’t work and put toxic chemicals on your skin), how would it feel to age gracefully looking younger?

Are you craving a spiritual connection to feed your soul?

All this can happen but only through wellness.  Sure a diet will help you lose weight but you’ve tried that before, right? Did you gain the weight back? Most likely. Diets are quick fixes that usually end up as failures and don’t give you a well-rounded upgrade to your well being spiritual, emotionally, physically or mentally.

Things just aren’t the same as they were in your 20’s and 30’s are they?  Maybe you envisioned your life turning out a bit different, especially when it comes to your health and wellness.  My dear, I have good news for you… hope is not lost and being over 40 is only a number, even if you aren’t feeling fabulous and 40!

What if I told you, I’m over 40 and found a way to feel sexier than ever, lose weight eating delicious foods, and won’t require you to spend hours in the gym working with a celebrity trainer.

Wanna know my secret?


You must be willing you put yourself first and feed your body, mind, and soul.

Finding love from the inside out and before you know it, you’ll come full circle!


Like you, I’m a go-getter!

My business over the past seven years has been my sole focus, and everything else in my life started to fall to the wayside (including eating well, my relationship, and me time).

I’ve worked with other successful women who are on top of their game, but have sacrificed their health, weight and have allowed life to drag them down along the way.

I have struggled with sugar addiction, weight gain, thinking about food non-stop and loving my body.

Through trial and error, I’ve incorporated what I have learned and continue to learn about nutrition for the mind, body and soul in my life to overcome self-defeating patterns.  Instead of yo-yo-ing in clothing sizes or on the scale I’ve found a way to maintain a healthy weight, a toned physique, and actually love my body by treating her well and feel amazing. I’ve obtained all of this while dancing my ass off in NYC, building my business and honoring and nurturing a fantastic relationship with my man.


By working together, we will discover what works for you and nourish yourself in the way that’s perfect for you.


What would it feel like to feed your body with real foods?

How would it FEEL to move your body in physical activity that’s healing?

It’s all about eating simple and trusting you’re what your body is telling you.

It’s about dealing with your “stuff” and not eating your emotions.

Successful weight loss and lifestyle change don’t happen overnight or without a mindset change.

We’re talking about transformation from the inside out while enjoying your eating life-giving food.

So if you ready to step up to the plate and take it one day at a time…

If you’re willing to begin a whole new relationship to food and your body…

If you’re wholeheartedly ready to begin your most amazing life now…

…then Let’s make it happen.

Contact me today for a complementary 30-minute strategy session and let's get a game plan started for you.