6 Powerful Ways to Relieve Brain Fog


What was I doing?

I forgot what I was going to say.

Why did I come into this room?

I can’t think straight.

Have you ever said one of these lines to your self or others? Do you ever have those days where you can't seem to think straight? It can feel like your brain is actually foggy, and you can't possibly see through the fog to get to your thoughts. Fatigue often accompanies brain fog -- feeling easily irritated, forgetting things or having trouble learning new things, feeling unmotivated, anxious, lacking concentration and even insomnia. The stress of life can cause brain fog to take root, but the good news is you can do a lot to clear the fog in your head.

Here are a few simple lifestyle habits you can start implementing now to clear your mind or get rid of brain fog:

Clean up your diet. I think the single best way to clear away brain fog is to change what you eat. If you are eating processed and artificial foods, it’s time to cut those out of your life, as they can cause a host of problems including brain fog. For all of you Paleo and Keto followers out there beware of cutting carbs -- your brain needs them to feel more centered. Swap out unhealthy carbs for complex carbs made with whole grains. I like to start my morning with fresh fruits and vegetables in my smoothie (and they are great detoxing foods too). Doing these things will help reduce the inflammation that can set off brain fog.

Make friends with your pillow and your bed. Louise Hay, author, and publisher, always thanked her bed and her pillow for a good nights sleep. Isn’t that amazing. We all need more precious sleep and maybe just thanking your bed and pillow will bring a clear head in the morning because you slept like a baby the night before. Your body needs sleep, and if you’re not getting enough of it, brain fog will prevail. You can also start going to bed a little earlier each night and having a routine of unwinding at bedtime to help prepare yourself for better sleep. The more sleep you get, the better your health will be overall and the clearer your brain will feel.

Get more exercise. Because exercise helps get the blood flowing through your body, transporting more oxygen with it, it’s a great way to clear brain fog. Plus, you’ll feel better too. Try yoga, a brisk walk, an outdoor run, or a HIIT at-home workout and feel the change in your body. Exercise makes you sweat. Since your skin is your largest organ you’ll be sweating out toxins that keep your brain power on low.

Find healthy ways to manage stress. One of the best practices that have helped me sleep better is getting off all electronics at least an hour before bed. The hour before bed is a great time to take a moment for yourself. Ignore your phone and find a way to unwind that makes you feel positively fulfilled. If you don’t, you can allow anxiety and fatigue to fester which can cause your cortisol levels skyrocket. An overabundance of cortisol can prompt you to gain weight and have trouble sleeping, inducing the brain fog and feeling unwell.

Detox and cleanse. We can’t escape all of the heavy metal toxins that are in the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we eat. When we ingest these environmental toxins, it causes inflammation in our gut and takes a toll on our body. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid them altogether, so we must be mindful of cleansing as often as possible. As a simple daily task, try flushing out toxins with more water, which will help move toxins out of the body and leave it refreshed.

Cut down on alcohol. Have you ever awakened and said, “I’ll never drink,” again because you’re hung-over or can’t function from being tired and lethargic after indulging? Many of us have had this experience. I enjoy a glass of red wine at dinner on Saturday nights but sometimes after just one glass I wake up the next with a foggy brain. Alcohol is powerful and a poison to your body so what do you think it’s doing to your brain. If you’re a person that “needs” a glass of wine at night to wind down form the day, I urge you to try other alternatives such as meditation, yoga or a nice long walk in nature to calm down after a long day.

You don’t have to suffer from brain fog anymore. Take these steps for your health, and you’ll find you’ll see everything more clearly.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you experience brain fog? How are you combating this?