Fun Halloween Foods That Aren't So Scary

Halloween and an absurd amount of processed sugar seem to go hand-in-hand. With all of the parties and trick-or-treating in the very near future, you may be scrambling to find some healthier versions of fun & festive Halloween foods and treats. Here are some of my favorite healthy versions of Halloween foods that will look great on your food table for that Halloween party that’s around the corner. Enjoy!

Tangerine Pumpkins

Simple, healthy and fun — drawing faces on your tangerines is a great addition to your fruit bowl this season. You can use any fruit with a rind on it for this: oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, even miniature pumpkins.


Halloween Fruit

Creating an entire plate of Halloween goodies is as simple as peeling some fruit. Cut small pieces of celery stalk, peel a tangerine, and insert the celery piece into the top as a stem. Peel banana, cut in half and stand each piece up on your plate. Create a simple ghoul face out of melted dark chocolate. Guilt-free and festive!


Pumpkin Peppers

The great thing about Pumpkin Peppers is you can add anything you want for the stuffing. I’ve seen them stuffed with mini-salads, rice and beans, roasted veggies, or anything you desire. Cut the top of the pepper off and remove insides, carve your pumpkin face with a knife, and stuff with your desired toppings.


Pumpkin Hummus

Pumpkin hummus is a fun, festive and healthy addition to your table spread this season. It’s also incredibly simple to create! 1 can chickpeas, drained & rinsed; 1/2 cup pumpkin puree; 1 tablespoon minced garlic; 1/3 cup tahini; 2 tablespoons lemon juice; 1 teaspoon cumin; add fresh cracked pepper and cayenne pepper if desired. Mix all ingredients in food processor, blend until smooth and desired consistency.


Candy Corn Fruit Cup

Using mason jars as your fruit cup holder, layer pieces of pineapple and orange slices to create a “candy corn” look. Top with a coconut whipped cream — my favorite — if you desire. These are great for parties and best of all, they’re healthy!


Pumpkin Bowl/Dip

It’s up to you what you’d like to put inside of it, but using a pumpkin as a bowl is as festive as you can get. These are perfect for parties — just put your dips inside of a sliced, hollowed pumpkin, and you’ll have a crowd pleaser on your hands.


Do you have unique and creative ideas to have a healthy Halloween? Leave a comment below and share your not-so spooky treats.