5 Steps To Lighten Up This Spring


Spring has finally arrived. Are you as happy about this as I am?

This is a time of renewal – a time that the world around us blooms and sprouts in beauty – and there’s an innate desire within us to do the same. The heaviness of winter is still lingering, but when the sun starts shining a little warmer, we desire to go into major spring cleaning mode.

This could mean our homes, closets, eating habits, relationships, and maybe even a social media detox -- who can’t use that every once in awhile! Needless to say, we are desiring to feel a little lighter, in more ways than one, as we get deeper into spring.

Here are a few ways you can feel lighter this spring (and lose weight)…

  1. Simplicity. Simplify your meals and you’ll feel like a brand new person. Meal planning, grocery shopping, having to think of what’s for dinner each night… it’s exhausting. Try eating very simply for the next week and see how things shift for you. Eat whole foods, with few ingredients and low prep time. Think Mason jar salads for an easy to make lunch or roasted broccoli and a minestrone soup. Simplicity
  1. Lemons. It may sound incredibly simple, but that’s the point! Simple, beneficial changes that don’t overwhelm. Add a squeeze of lemon into your water in the morning (and throughout the day, if you wish) and enjoy the alkalizing, naturally detoxification benefits. Your digestive system will thank you and you’ll enjoy a nice boost of natural energy and vitamin C, which supports collagen growth in your skin so I like to think of my morning lemon waters as an anti-aging drink.
  1. Start small. Make a list of what you’d like to declutter in your home. Start small, and make a list of which tasks have priority. Can you even remember the last time you’ve 75% of what I hanging in your closet? Start there. Start with whatever is the biggest burden on you (junk drawer, closet, shoes rack, costume jewelry, old books). The state of your surroundings has a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.
  1. Desires. What have you been hoping to add to your life to give it more value? Have you been meaning to start painting again? Have you been promising yourself for months that you were finally going to start working out, cooking your meals, taking a dance class or reading more? What instantly pops in your head when you read this? Start by adding one thing in the next week that will improve the quality of your life. Perhaps that’s a new, relaxing evening ritual of writing in your gratitude journal or a commitment to get bi-weekly massages for stress relief. If you desire to lose weight, write down the step you'll start taking today to achieve that desire. Pick one thing and go for it.
  1. Nature. I talk about getting outside in nature all the time and for a good reason. Nature is healing and the fresh air, after winters dry heat, will revitalize your lungs skin and outlook on. Just a short 10 minute walk is enough to get you addicted to being in nature o power walk for a weight loss workout.

Baby steps coupled with consistent, daily action will get you there in no time, without overwhelm.

I’d love to hear what you pick. Leave a comment below and let me know what new thing you’re going to start next week to add more quality to your days, and I’ll let you know what I picked!