Finally, The Magic Pill For Weight Loss

tablets-193666_1920 As a weight loss/health and lifestyle transformational coach, I’m asked frequently, “What is the magic pill to losing weight and keeping it off? Is that new celebrity diet or superfood going to do the trick this time?”

Millions of women around the world are on a diet, including my clients when I first meet them. Sure, those celebrities are losing weight but they are in deprivation mode and become moody.

We all want immediate results and I totally understand. If you desire to lose weight, start by looking at it from a different angle, one of self-exploration. Try looking at weight loss as a gift to yourself… something just for you and nobody else. When you realize the impact weight loss can have on you, then your goals become achievable and the possibilities are endless!

As a society we are constantly looking for an easy fix, a magic pill we can take. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just snap your finger or pop a pill and have a lean body without any effort? Heck yeah. BUT, it’s the journey that builds us up to the magnificent beings that we are, not weighing a certain weight.

Do you want to know what the magic pill is?

It’s YOU, baby!

Your mindset and DECIDING to live a healthy lifestyle is the only true way to achieve your goals! You have to focus on what you want (Law of Attraction) by feeling vibrant, energetic and great in the body you have now. Do you really think these fad diets claiming you can lose 14 pounds in 14 days by just drinking a yummy chocolate shake really work? No! Those types of diets are extremely unhealthy. Give me a real chocolate bar any day over a powdered weight loss supplement!

The magic pill is simple…. It’s whom you choose to be in the process of your weight loss journey and making lifestyle change. Ditch the diets (this includes the frozen meal you pop in the microwave- can you say dead food) and eating protein bars which are full of chemicals. They don’t feel you up physically, emotionally or mentally. They deprive you of joy, glowing skin, energy and they take an extreme amount of precious energy to digest leaving you lethargic.

If you want results, then you must starting thinking like the person you want to be.  

  • How does she stand? Is she slumped over in her chair with defeat on her shoulders, or is she standing tall in her power knowing that one step at a time will get her to her desired weight.
  • Is she the woman that gives up or does she keep on persisting with her lifestyle changes knowing that she is already a winner? She takes control of her eating and will not let the cookies win her affection any more. She gets affection form friends, family and her beloved.
  • Is she willing to settle for less in life? No, no, no…she is a mover and shaker and if this isn’t the shoe she has worn in a while, that’s ok. She will dust them off and put them on again.

You must become the woman you desire to be first in order to shift and make the desired changes in your life.

Do you still have to eat healthy? Yep. Consider eating healthy a blessing to your body. As you already know, eating healthy keeps you healthy and is the vitality enhancer for the mind and body. To me, eating healthy is not consuming any packaged foods. It’s eating from the earth. If it grows in the dirt then it’s good for your body. Do you get where I’m going? The more fruits and vegetables you eat the more alive you become and the more weight you will easily lose.

I’m not saying you can’t have your favorite crackers. I have cracker attacks too. However, the majority of my food intake is whole, fresh foods that is easy to make and doesn’t come with an ingredient label. Keep it real and then there is no need for calorie counting. That’s a win-win situation.

Eating healthy supports your mindset and your mindset supports eating healthy.

So what are you thinking? I hope powerfully.

So, to get started on a healthy mindset, say the following affirmations out loud:

  • A healthy lifestyle supports me in every area of my life.
  • I am feeling great as I reach my desire weight.
  • I am feeling great in my body and loving the way I feel.
  • As I focus on what I want, I empower my transformation.
  • I eat whole, fresh foods and I love how I feel in my body.

How does that feel? Ah-mazing, I do believe. Give me a YES!

You’re in the game of life and you’re on stage right now my friend, and you must play to win because this is no dress rehearsal. Play to the best of your abilities. On the more challenging days, and we all have them, when you think you can’t continue, ask for help. Get the assistance you need even if it’s just a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or simply someone to help you make delicious, healthy meals.

You have everything you need in you right now to start changing and releasing the weight…but only if you stop the excuses and the stories of why it’s so hard to lose weight and to keep it off. Step up to the grandest expression of who you are and start to enjoy the ride of life.

I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself? If you are reaching for a pill bottle from a pharmacy then something has gone wrong in the course you have chosen. This is scary.

Start course correcting your path right now by choosing a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with you. I hope you choose well.

Adopt a new mindset on a healthy lifestyle and living from that space so you find yourself reaching for a luscious and juicy orange with a smile on your face instead of a pill bottle prescribed by a doctor with fear in your heart.

Please leave a comment below and let's start a conversation about YOU being the magic pill in weight loss and living healthy.