Should I Cut Out Carbs to Lose Weight?

img_1688 One of the biggest questions I get from clients is should they cut out all carbohydrates in order to lose weight.

If anyone tells you to stop eating carbohydrates in order to lose weight, I want you to run in the opposite direction and never look back. It’s the worsts advice you could ever get.

Here’s the deal. Carbs do not make you fat. Glucose is the pure energy source your body runs on and carbs are your main source of glucose.

Living without carbs in your body is like the walking dead…no energy and hangry.

With that said, I believe in fruit…”What? I can eat fruit?” Yes you may. It’s a miracle, I know. Over the past 10 years or longer, the diet industry has told people to not eat fruit because of the “sugar”. Let me tell you the truth. Fruit does have natural sugar called fructose and when eaten in in its whole fresh form, it’s the best clean energy source you can eat.

I’m not talking about apple pie or blueberry coffee cake. I’m taking about an apple picked off the tree; a banana that is freshly peeled; or an orange that sprays natural juices as you bite into it. FRESH FRUITS!

Fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach either in the morning to break-the-fast or in smoothies with greens (they digest well together). If you have problems eating fruit due to digestive issues, start eating fruit in the morning after fasting for at least 12 hours overnight to ensure that no leftover, undigested foods remain from the day and cause digestive concerns.

Also, its’ best to always eat melons alone since they go through your system very quickly.

If you think about it, fruit in all its glory of being a wonderful carbohydrate is the perfect food since all you have to do is pick it from a tree or bush and eat it. You’ll get antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber to keep things flowing.

Vegetables and grains are another wonderful source of carbs that are needed by the body. When you eliminate “carbs” at the recommendation of many well-intentioned but wrong “experts,” you’ll crave simple carbs in the unhealthy forms of white sugar such as candy bars and cakes. No good.

What I eat on most days are green smoothies that are 3/4’s fruit. Salads chock full of veggies and a big vegetable dish for dinner. I do incorporate grains too, but vegetables are the main focus for my dinner meals. I snack on fruits that are easy to pack and go. In the summer, my fridge is stocked with cut up melons ready to eat. In the fall and winter, I love stocking up on apples, pears and frozen berries.

The days of gorging on pasta and bread are best limited to special occasions when you’re in Little Italy in NYC or when in Rome! White carbs do nothing for you. I know you know this but I’m just repeating it for you in case you were about to snack on a baguette. Dr. Wayne Dyer always said, “Repetition is the mother of learning” so I’m here repeating what you’ve already learned just as a reminder.

Here is my favorite healthy carbohydrate fruit smoothie: Enjoy!


Makes 2 servings

1 cup blueberries

1 cup strawberries

1 cup cherries

2 bananas

2 big handfuls of spinach or kale

Water (I usually put enough to fill 3/4 of my blender container. You can use more water if you want your smoothie more liquidly or less water if you desire your smoothie to be thicker)


Put all the ingredients in to a high-speed blender (or normal blender) and blend.

Pour into glasses and enjoy. I sometime pour it into wine glasses to feel fancy.

Save for later: pour the smoothie in to mason jars and refrigerate.