How To Be Happy Now

girl-593194_1280 I know many women who are drinking their green juice, working out and training for a marathon but are miserable in their daily lives. They have great jobs, married to the love of their life but walk around with a pouty face.  Not pretty.  But the question is why?

We often look to external factors to make us happy…job status, money, clothes, hair, possessions, etc.  The list can go on and on.  However, when we look to the “outside world” to provide happiness, we will ultimately be miserable.  People and things will let you down and when that happens, we become bitter and judgmental of everyone and everything.

Many women are constantly looking outside of themselves for happiness and in the process becoming more dissatisfied with life.

In all honesty, there were many times in my life that I just wanted to be rescued by some hot guy with a great job. Well, I didn’t get rescued.  Dang it. Have you felt the same way?

Well, there is a great ending. The hot guy with the great job that I fell in love with showed up when I rescued myself. I did the work to be happy. What was the work you ask?  Loving myself just as I was. I embraced ME!! You can too.

Be happy with your quirky personality or your frizzy hair. Be happy in your situation because you can change it if you really want to (unless you like the attention you get form complaining and playing damsel in distress).


It really is that easy. True bliss starts with self-love.

You must choose happiness to have happiness. All the money in the world means nothing if you’re not happy; having a Victoria’s Secret model body is not worth it if you’re not happy. Having a beautiful family you always dreamed of is not fun if you’re not happy.  When you choose to be happy, you lose the weight you’ve been struggling to release, you have courage to go after your dreams, you exhibit happiness and the perfect person comes into your life for love, friendship or work partnership.

Life will knock you down only because life knows you can take it and rise back up to meet the challenge as a warrior woman.

I believe in you.

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