10 Ways to Ditch Processed Foods and Lose Weight

fruit-932745_1280 Every year near as the summer draws near to the end, I start getting complaints from women that they are feeling bloated and crappy after gaining weight during the summer months. When I start doing some deep investigation…Charlie’s Angles style, of course… I know what the culprit is.

It doesn’t matter if you count calories, fat grams or sodium intake. The ladies who are “struggling” with their weight as autumn approaches are the ones not eating fresh, whole foods that are grown in the earth. Plain and simple.

We live in a time where cooking for yourself is not sexy. The abundance of packaged “health” food are too easy to pass up; the frozen food aisle at the grocery store has a great “lean” meals and Chinese’s take-out is just a phone call away.

I completely understand since I live in NYC where there is every reason to not cook for yourself and have any and every restaurant deliver to you. BUT, you don’t know where the ingredients came from and what oils are used. If the food is so tasty, how much salt are they using? Makes you wonder.

What is the solution for the package lifestyle we eat from?

Eat less from a box, and more from the earth.


Here are some suggestions to clean up your food choices that leave you lighter and completely satisfied:

  1. Instead of boxed cereal, make over-night oats.
  1. Ditch the “weight loss” frozen meals, cook a big casserole, chili or soup in your crockpot on Sunday’s and let the slow cooker cook for you.
  1. Eat more fruit. An easy grab-n-go snack.
  1. Make a big salad that will last a couple of days. Remember to make your own salad dressing too.
  1. Cut out the alcohol for 21 days and watch your body rest. The summer is about having fun and sometimes that means too many margaritas.
  1. Drink water! You might be dehydrated and the water will hold you over until you can make it home for a meal.
  1. Make a smoothie at home and take it with you in a mason jar for a quick meal.
  1. Get your thermos out (I know….so 1970’s) and fill it with a homemade soup.
  1. Skip the candy bar and have homemade protein balls on hand as a snack.
  1. Have dinner dates with friends (who are on a healthy track) and do meal swaps.

There are many crafty ways to get home cooked meals into your body. You don’t have to spend your hard earned money on frozen and packaged foods that have to be fortified with vitamins because they have no vitamins left after processing.

Leave a comment below and lets’ start a conversation. How do you eliminate boxed foods and get your gorgeous body back?