Do you want to feel good? Repeat after me...

manta background-78448_1280 with copy What are the words you say to yourself? What are the thoughts and feelings you feel about yourself everyday?

How does that make you feel?

In a word where we are constantly being judged but others for our weight or fashion sense, it’s imperative to speak your truth to yourself.

Do you know what your truth is? I’ll tell you.







How does that make you feel? Can you embody the truth of who you are or are you running away from the LOVE of who you are?

I meet so many women who beat themselves up on a daily basis through their thoughts, feelings, self-talk and actions. I want you to KNOW from the deepest part of yourself that you are ADORED and you are INCREDIBLE.

Life is too short to spend our days and year telling ourselves we don’t measure up. This will only lead to depression and pain.

As we get older we get wiser, right? Let’s be wiser in our mature years. Let’s teach younger ladies younger how to live in a world of self-acceptance and appreciation. Let’s be the GODDESSES we are and mentor them to do the same!

So how does one embody their amazingness? Try this exercise:

Set aside just 5 minute of your day (if you don’t have 5 make it one minute) and find a place to sit down and begin to just breathe. Feel your breath moving in and out nice and slow. Begin to repeat the following mantra in your mind as it follows the breath: I AM ENOUGH. Breathe in “I AM” and breathe out “Enough”. It doesn’t take long at all for this to mantra to take over your consciousness and radiate in every cell and tissue in your body. It’s that simple. One phrase of “I AM ENOUGH” can change your word. Start believing it. Start trying to feel would it would be like to be enough! How would that feel to you? Would it relieve some of your stress? Would it make you feel better about yourself? If you continue this short exercise, you will begin to truly live in that state of mind. I promise.

Are you up foe a challenge? Do this mantra once a day for 40 days and allow it to really soak in to your being. In yoga, chanting a mantra for 40 days is a spiritually profound number.

Remember, what you say to yourself become who you are. A self-proclamation.

Make YOU irresistible by your thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Live from the beauty that blossoms within you with every breath and heartbeat.

I want to hear from you. Leave a comment below and share your personal mantra.