Scrumptious Breakfast Bowl: Cherry Cacao Smoothie Bowl

Cherry Cacao Smoothie Bowl  

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, Please.

During the heat of the summer I want you to stay cool and nourished. I also want you to get your chocolate too!

I created a Cherry Cacao Smoothie Bowl for your morning pleasure. Never mind the scrumptious taste, this smoothie bowl is life supporting, aids in weight loss and keeps you looking slim and trim. This recipe can be part of your healthy lifestyle any day of the week. Hint...It's detox friendly too.

With cacao and cherries combining perfectly together, this recipe is loaded with fiber and healthy fats. This protein packed and naturally sweetened treat is a perfect post-workout snack to fuel your body until lunch.

This smoothie bowl is made with some of my favorite ingredients. Spinach always blends smoothly into any smoothie bowl and keeps you strong. Cherries are high in antioxidants due to their pigment rich color (they are also one of the low calorie fruits). Bananas protect against muscle cramps during workouts and have been show to help overcome depression due to their high tryptophan levels, which is converted to serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter.

Here’s to keeping your meals clean, healthy and tasty.


Cherry Cacao Smoothie Bowl

Serves 1

1 cup pitted cherries or frozen

1 handful baby spinach

1 small banana

½ cup dairy-free milk

1 scoop protein powder

1 tablespoon raw cacao powder

1 handful ice

2 tablespoons hemp seeds

2 tablespoons chia seeds

BLEND: Add the cherries, spinach, banana, dairy-free milk, protein powder, raw cacao powder, and ice to a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth and serve in a bowl. Top with hemp and chia seeds.

Do you have a smoothie bowl recipe you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and let’s share recipes!