Staying Healthy On Vacation

pool-690034_1280 I was on FB the other day reading a post from a long time friend. She was talking about while on vacation she basically ditched her “diet” and gave into all the crap food around her…donuts, ice cream, burgers and fries, heavy drinking and hangovers cured by bacon and waffles.


Here's my question to you. What made vacation the free-for-all to forget all you have worked so hard to do to keep your body in shape and HATE yourself after vacation? The maxi dresses that you wore on vacation flowing freely covered up the damage and you didn’t feel the bloat and weight gain until you put back on your pants that won’t zip. YIKES…although I’m sure there are other chose words being said in a panic.


Listen, I’ve been there in my past too. When I was young and in my teens and visiting Gatlinburg, TN with my family, I gobbled up all the fudge we bought at the at the fudge shop forgetting that if I wanted fudge that bad I could make it. I ate the rocky road fudge like it was going out of style along with funnel cakes, fries and Diet Coke. Go figure. I was young and would stuff anything sweet into my mouth that didn’t eat me first. I remember feeling gross and of course bloated but I kept shoveling it in thinking I wouldn’t get to eat the treat ever again. Thank God that is my past.


Vacation is not the time to let it all go people. A healthy lifestyle supports you wherever you go. Vacation, traveling for work, TGIF happy hour and any and all holidays.


It’s a choice you make in life. I promise you there are healthy choices at the beach, other countries, and different cities or at the bar.


I challenge you to let the healthy lifestyle you’re creating right now to be the way you are on vacation.


Sure you can have a glass of wine at night while relaxing in paradise, but two or three every night??? It’s not like you‘ll never get to have a glass of wine again. Why over do it and regret it?


Yes, try the new foods of that location but you don’t have to try all the fried foods for every meal. Stick to one heavier meal and keep the rest light and clean.


Dessert….ya’ll know I love dessert but it’s not health sustaining having sweets every night during your travels. Of course allow yourself a sweet treat, but having dessert every day will pack on the pounds like Rocky boxes…fast and with furry.

The midnight buffet isn’t here for you to get your moneys worth, it’s there to get you fat and addicted to the heavy sugar and fat laden foods.


I’m keeping it real here.


Do you really want to get home with great memories of your travels but feeling disgusting inside because you ate foods that weighed you down…literally? I don’t think so.


It easy to vacation in style while sticking to your healthy lifestyle by eating fresh fruits and salads during the days and stick to your heavier meals at night.


These days, restaurants have many healthy options that are tasty and filling and will keep you hot and sexy while on vacation and after.


To give you a tip, the more sugar, alcohol and “bad fats” you eat the older you’ll look.


I don’t know about you, but I want to be the woman who gets back from vacation looking rested relaxed, sexy and beautiful not haggard, hung-over and carrying 10 extra pounds.


Remember to eat fresh fruits and vegetables get in some fitness, indulge in moderation and pare down your portions of heavy foods.


I’m not here to tell you not to enjoy your vacation and not to try the delicacies of where you have traveled. I want you to remember you have the control within you so you can try and treat yourself with different foods but don’t let splurging take the lead. Get my drift?


Remember, who you are on vacation is who you are at home. So let the passion you have at home for healthy meals and a vibrant lifestyle travel with you on vacation too. Enjoy the foods, drinks and treats of your travels while keeping your self full of nutritious foods too.