You Don't Have to Get Old, Fat and Sick


Right before the 4th of July holiday my boyfriend and I went on a day trip to The Hudson Valley in New York State. It was a beautiful experience, so refreshing and healing to get out of NYC’s sometimes-chaotic energy.

I love traveling and finding little towns to explore, have a tea, coffee or meal and explore their way of living.

The troubling thing I’ve seen outside of NYC is the lack of healthy food options at restaurants. We were in Rhinebeck, NY and I found it very hard to find a delicious and nutritious meal. Many of the food options are fried and loaded with cheese and cream sauces. Cream is a fat to make the dish rich and tasty but offers no nutritional value

I also noticed that all the 50+ were at least 25 pound overweight and did not have a healthy looking body and skin. They were ordering the heavy dishes that only offered something to fill the stomach but would leave the body craving vitamins and minerals.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m only observing my surroundings, not judging. My intent is not malicious but a deep desire for people to live healthy lives. DO NOT believe the hype that as you get older you gain weight, get sick and suffer. That’s is NOT TRUE. You can live a full life after 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 all the way up to 100. It’s available to all of us if we choose a healthy lifestyle. It’s YOUR choice.

I’m extremely grateful for living in city that has unlimited options for eating healthy. Understanding that many people don’t, I feel it’s even more important to cook for yourself and understand how to order off a restaurant menu to get the best foods for your body.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. I eat home cooked meals every night except Saturday night (that’s’ date night). I have leftovers the next day. Sometimes a make a soup or casserole and freeze half of it so I can easily defrost it and have a healthy lunch the following month.


  1. Do you have a slow cooker? Use it and let it cook meals that support your wellness while you’re at work or the baseball ball field with your kids. It’s easy with a little planning.


  1. When dining out, ask for vegetables on the side instead of fat laden potatoes (even the roasted potatoes at restaurants have oil on them and the oil is usually not a good oil for you body, heart and insides). Order a salad and vegetable sides for your meal. If you eat restaurant made pasta, only eat half since restaurant portions are on steroids. Choose vegetarian options over meat and don’t eat dessert. When you get home, enjoy two squares dark chocolate and you’ll feel great with no food hangover.


  1. Make your own salad dressings and toss some lettuce and veggies together with some beans for fiber and protein and you have an instant healthy lunch.


  1. Don’t forget to move your body. Walking, yoga, sports, weight training…anything that moves your body helps you feel amazing and will support your immune system. Activity can be a youth serum along with clean foods. It is a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Pot luck parties with your friends are a fun way to share healthy recipes while creating your own anti-aging serums and creams with therapeutic grade essential oils. This is a great “girls night out” activity.


  1. Affirm your health everyday. Louise Hay has a wonderful book called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and it’s brilliant. Learn how to talk to yourself and consciousness in a positive way that will keep you young, healthy and lean. Here’s an example: My body is healthy and strong; my mind is sharp and my soul is peaceful.


  1. Meditate. Plain and simple. The affects of mediation on your body, mind and spirit have been studied numerous times with the same conclusion: meditation is medicine for a healthy life.


I want to encourage you to step up and take care of your self. Stop spending your money on creams at the department store that claim “Anti-aging” but are loaded with toxins that your body has to detox. It’s a vicious circle. Let go of any thoughts the only option for getting older is sitting in a recliner watching T.V. the rest of your life wasting away.

You are never too old to start preparing for the golden years of life. You may be in your golden years. You can still start now Feed your body, mind and spirit. As you age your body will stay trim; your body will be strong; your body will be beautiful; your body is your creation.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know your thoughts on aging gracefully.