Why the Biggest Losers Gained the Weight Back

scale-403585_1280 In the news over the past few weeks is the phenomenon (yet just real life) that many (read most) of the Biggest Losers gain the weight back when they return to real life.

I personally feel it’s sad that these Biggest Losers participants were given a major opportunity to get the weight off and then turn around and gain most of it right back after getting off the “farm”.

Do you want to know what went wrong??? It’s pretty simple.

First, weight loss won’t be lasting if you are not living your life. What do I mean? You can be on a retreat or weight loss camp, but you will regain the weight. You need to lose weight in your natural environments and all the craziness it entails. What do you think is going to happen when you get back to your family, job, daily stress and the restaurants that you use to eat at that are calling your name? You’re going to eat. You must take time through self-assessment or with a coach to establish your daily schedule/routine in the most supportive way in order to lose weight and, most importantly, maintain your new body. There will be no surprises and you can handle all situations when they arise if you lose the weight while living your normal life, not life on a weight loss farm.

The second reason the weight crepes back on their bodies is they lost too much weight too quickly. Rapid weight loss is just not safe, nor is it normal. It’s not sustainable in real life.

Third, they were not able to keep the weight off due to the intense exercise regime for participants of the show. In your daily life, you do not work out for 2 to 4 hours a day to keep the weight off. If you do this, it’s not safe. Yes, the body was meant to move but not at that intensity everyday for that long. Also, after severe weight loss, your body might have a set point that it wants to get back too, and if you haven’t lost the weight in a slower and safer manner, the body never gets to a leaner set point.

My heart goes out to theses brave souls who went to great lengths to get a body they love. They can do it again and so can you through proper, high nutrient foods and living a nourishing lifestyle.

Please remember, I did not work with these individuals but I’m using common sense. We live in a world where we want instant gratification (lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks) but it can backfire when the time needed to acclimate to lifestyle and body changes are not given.

Set yourself up to win and release weight the safe way.

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