The Best Advice is Right Before Our Eyes…We Just Have to Observe

red bird-107802_1280The past week I have wakened to birds chirping outside my window. What a beautiful sound to start the day. After a nice cup of tea, I sat down at my alter to meditate. When I looked outside the window, I saw a red bird and blue bird flying around.

These two beautiful birds remind me that life is beautiful no matter what I’m going through. I know it’s the same for you because that’s the way the universe is set up. The world we live in set to be magnificent and beautiful with every breath you breathe.

How does this apply to weight loss, health and nutrition??? Everything.

I want you to know your life is beautiful no matter where you are on your journey. Yes, life will knock you down, but how long are you going to stay down until you pick yourself up?

For example, you have a month that is extremely challenging at work and home life just as busy. With the crazy schedules, you fall back on your commitment to your well-being, weight loss or weight maintenance goals. You feel your goal of living a healthy lifestyle is down the drain with the leftover wine you just drank. You give in to fast food and sitting on the sofa watching a reality show in distress. At the end of the month you realize you gained 7 pounds and feel gross in your body because you didn’t give your healthy and body priority in you life.

From here step back and witness the results that you created. Being the observer is crucial. Step outside of yourself and look at the situation as it is. You gained weight and now you want to lose it. Instead of negative self-talk and badgering yourself for your slack in living a healthy lifestyle, just look at the facts.

From here get started. Take the emotions out and allow yourself to start moving and cooking from an encouraging place rather than an unsupportive place.

You are your biggest cheerleader! But you can be your biggest gloom and doomer, too.

Back to the birds, our feathered friends live their live as they are suppose to. They sing when they are happy and fly around freely. Yes, I’m sure they get their tail feathers ruffled when the nest they painstakingly built sitting in a tree disappears when the tree is chopped down. But they just get busy again and start creating another nest. Simple, yeah?

With weight loss and health, just turn around and get back on track. Don’t play the blame game or get caught up in being mad at yourself. Sulking with a bag of potato chips won’t help either.

Put on your running shoes and go for a run or walk. Get on your yoga mat and start moving your limbs to awaken your body and soul. Get back in touch with your spirit and you will start seeing results. Stock up on fruit and veggies to grab and go. Prepare a healthy meal including a fresh salad for the next couple of days to support eating a nutritious dinner. Start rebuilding your nest one twig at a time. Are you following me? Good!

Choose to see the beauty in the situation rather than the crap and know that you can turn things around right at this moment.

The more we judge ourselves the harder it is to get back on our feet. Spread your wings and fly and sing a happy tune.

If you've gotten off track in your life, what could you do right now to get back in the game? Leave a message below and share.