Ditch the Chocolate for Valentine's Day and Do This Instead

heart-with copy You’re going to get plenty of newsletters and read many blogs with chocolate recipes and they are all delicious and wonderful. I want to offer you something different for this Feb 14.

This second week in February, our nation is consumed by love. Expressing love. Buying love (guys making sure they gift diamonds and pearl so they don’t get in trouble). Giving love. Spreading love.

Here’s my question to you…are you willing to love yourself right now, just as you are? Without judgment, can you just look at yourself in the mirror, gazing at your eyes, the gateway to your soul, and say out loud to yourself, “I AM BEAUTIFUL? I AM LOVE!” If you can’t speak words of love to yourself, then it’s time to begin demonstrating acts of kindness to your body, your soul, YOU.

You can begin a love affair with yourself one step at a time. As you already know, you can’t give away what you don’t have and this includes love. Put the oxygen mask over your face before you assist others.

This week, I would love for you to express love to yourself. Here are a few suggestions to get your started:

  1. Buy yourself something pretty. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe it’s a new organic lip color to paint your beautiful face.
  1. Schedule some YOU time this week even if it’s only 15 minutes of alone time to just breathe and relax. This could be in a bubble bath, taking a walk outside or sitting in your favorite chair gazing out the window just watching the birds fly by.
  1. Give yourself a foot massage. I guaranteed this will make you feel relaxed and is one of the ultimate self-care and self-love actions you can give yourself. In our society we are pounding the pavement, moving and shaking things up and living life. Your feet get tired and a nice foot rub helps your feet release all the stress of the day. When I was a professional dancer I made sure to massage my feet. As I rubbed the pain out I was also in appreciation for all that my feet do for me.
  1. Make yourself a healthy dinner and serve this dinner on your best dishes. Do you have china? Use it and relish in being fancy
  1. Play with essential oils and create your open perfume blend with these amazing botanicals that smell divine.
  1. Sit down for a 10-minute meditation and just breathe. Don’t worry about clearing your mind, as this is not the point in mediation. Just sit still with your breath.
  1. Make one small change in your lifestyle this week that will set you on the path to the weight loss you desire. Drink more water, eat more veggies and fruits or go for a 15-minute power walk.
  1. Look at your naked body in the mirror and begin to find the beauty in the flaws. Express gratitude for your body temple and all that it does for you.
  1. Take a 20-minute nap.
  1. I love the Big Bang Theory and use it has my laughter therapy.

Feeling better? Leave a comment below and share your self acts of good will.