Do You Have The Oomph To Make Your Dreams A Reality?


dancer-668904_1280As the snow was falling in NYC this past weekend and shut down the city, my boyfriend and I decided to watch a movie on demand. This was the best decision of the weekend.

Our movie of choice was The Walk. It is a charming and inspiring movie that got me thinking about you. It’s about a French high-wire artist, Philippe Petit, and his passion to hang his wire where he saw fit. His biggest aspiration was to walk between the World Trade Center twin towers.

You’re probably asking why a high-wire artist made me think of you. Possibilities!

The Walk is a sweet and daring movie that will make you smile, laugh and believe in yourself.

He had a dream and made it a reality. He fought against all odds of getting past security guards in, at the time, still under construction twin towers. He had to get all his high-wire gear to the top of the towers in order to perform his walk. He had to learn many tips and techniques and apply them to make sure he didn’t die during his walk. No matter what he had to do, he did it in order to accomplish his goal.

My question to you is how do you want to move forward in your life right now? Where do you have a burning desire for something in your life? It requires you to change and become that person now. Become and start the habits of a healthy and fit woman. Embrace the disposition of a successful business owner while you’re still a newbie. Experience the essence of being in the perfect and loving relationship you have always dreamed about

Change is hard but is inevitable…dare to face the possibilities!

If Philippe Petit can walk the tight rope across the twin towers, you can accomplish your weight loss goals. You just have to want it bad enough.

Philippe was obsessed with the twin towers. It was a love affair that he had to experience. Can you conjure up enough desire to get you started towards your goals in life whether it be weight loss, getting healthy and fit, paying off your debt, changing careers, starting to date again or change how you show up to your marriage?

Taking the first step is hard, but once you start, you have created the momentum to thrive and head full-speed towards your desire.

A year from now, who do you want to be? Where do you want to be? How do you want to FEEL?

It’s now or never. Give up what’s not working and jump-start your efforts towards reaching your goals. Only you can make the decision. Mr. Petit had the desire to accomplish his dream and had the gumption to make it happen. You have the same spirit and resourcefulness in you.

If you are ready to start pursing your weight loss and health goals, I would love to help you reach those goals! Email me at so we can set up a time to talk.