Surviving the Holidays Without Regret

bag-21467_1280If you‘ve ever dealt with overeating during the holidays…

If you want a plan to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight…

If you want to lose weight right now…then I want you to know there is a way.

There are many treats during the festivities in December and into the New Year and this could mean many temptations for you.

I have three suggestions that work for me and I know can work for you.

The first plan in the scheme to live up the holidays “healthy style” is to fill up on fruits and veggies. This sounds so simplistic but that’s’ the beauty of it.

It is simple.

Fueling your body with nutritious foods, you won’t have to worry about fat grams or counting calories. Another benefit is you won’t be full of regret with these healthy choices. Many of the decadent dishes you crave end up leaving you stuffed, miserable, and weighing more. Also, by filling up on natural foods, those desserts won’t be as temping to you.

The second is to enjoy yourself. DELIGHT in this season’s fun because this leaves you happy. Here’s’ a hint…if you’re happy, your stress eating goes down which means no weight gain and no regrets from a bursting belly. As you enjoy the glitz and glamour and present wrapping extravaganza, you’ll delight in the foods you eat and it’s a boomerang effect of joyful, satisfied and jolly emotions. These feelings are the perfect antidote to keep from reaching for second and third helpings. You don’t feed your negative emotions. Plain and simple, enjoy yourself through the season

Being an Ebenezer Scrooge is a sure fire way to get your jingle bells in a hissy. Take a deep breathe and choose, Choose, CHOOSE to be happy. No one can make you enjoy the holidays. It’s your reaction that sets you up dancing under the mistletoe or being a bah-humbug.

Third, start decking the halls and fill you heart with GRATITUDE. You’re alive and breathing and that, my friends, is a Christmas blessing. What can you be grateful for today? Your body, relationships, career, that it’ snowing outside, the birds are chirping or maybe…it’s that you still have your wits about you after a long year. Gratitude is the emotion to guide you through the long buffet tables and right past the plum pudding (who eats plum pudding anyway).

So much affects your health and well-being. Let the holidays support your health, weight loss efforts and your connection to your family and friends. Life is about quality not quantity with food, relationships, how you handle your holidays and everything for that matter.

DECIDE for a Christmas miracle and be the Christmas miracle for yourself.

Making healthy food choices, finding joy and remembering to be grateful, you arm yourself with the tools to illuminate your holidays with blessings and health. You can do it.

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen…..

Merry Christmas,