Healthy Holidays Gift List

christmas-743445_1280How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was terrific! I had a nice, sweet and healthy time with my boyfriend’s family. Did you make any fun, new and healthy recipes to keep your weight loss goals on track?

Now that the holiday of overindulgence is behind us, it’s time to get busy shopping for your loved ones, Secret Santa and yourself. I created a list of some of my favorite healthy gifts this holiday season because I want you to give the gift of health to those you love.

Paige’s Gift List:

  1. Essential Oils

I have been using Young Living oils for many years now and I just love them. I use oils in cooking, cleaning, anti-aging skin care, perfume and diffused in my home for a fresh and healthy scent. Essential oils are the aromatic way to a healthy, toxic free life. Get Your oils here!

2 Juice Plus

This is a new find for me and I love everything this company is about. Juice Plus is not a supplement. Juice Plus is WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION IN A BOTTLE. Yep. It’s true and they have studies to back this claim up. I take Juice Plus everyday as an extra antidote to my healthy eating. I take extra capsules when I know that I will be in a situation where germs are running rampant such as an airplane, shopping mall and teaching kids yoga. To buy Juice Plus click here.

3. Yum Universe Cookbook

This is my go-to cookbook with delicious and healthy recipes that will keep your figure slim and keep your taste buds happy and satisfied. She does a remarkable job creating healthy recipes that your whole family will enjoy. Get your copy of Yum Universe.

4. Slow Cooker (crockpot)

I talk about slow cookers a lot. They are easy one-pot meals that cook while you live your life. This is a perfect gift for anyone in your family that wants home cooked meals but has a busy life. Using slow cookers is wonderful way to have nutritious food ready for dinner (or breakfast) and keep your weight loss efforts easy and effortless. Give a slow cooker as a gift with a recipe you would love them to cook you. Instant dinner invite! Get cooking with Crock Pot.

 5. Blender

Vita-Mix all the way, baby. I am passionate about my Vita-mix blender and use it everyday. A high-speed blender will be the best assistant in making your healthy recipes a reality, and your friends and family will love it too. Click here to get blending at it's best with Vita-Mix.

 6. Juicer

There are many different juicers out there. Here is my suggestion - choose a juicer that you will actually use and clean. Juicers are amazing to get nutrients into your bloodstream as quick as alcohol enters your blood stream. The challenge is actually using it. Yes, it takes time to clean a juicer but feeling awesome because you juiced is worth the 5 minutes of clean up. Do you agree? Help your close family members get juicing with the Juice Master.

 7. Yoga Online

I’m a yogi. I teach yoga, practice yoga and love yoga. Giving a gift of yoga is a gift of a lifetime. There are so many tools practiced within yoga practice to help live a happy, healthy and beautiful life. Laughing Lotus is my yoga home and I recommend taking class there anytime you’re in NYC. If you are not heading to the Big Apple soon, you are still in luck. Laughing Lotus now has online videos. Check it out and OM your way to bliss! 

 8. Inspiration Videos and Documentaries

FMTV is Food Matters TV and they have unlimited streaming of the best transformational and inspirational documentaries. Included in your monthly membership fee (or yearly) is recipes videos, yoga & exercise videos and more. It’s a gift that lifts the spirit, awakens one to a world of hope and possibility of living on this planet in a healthy and positive way. Remember, YOU are the change you are seeking. This subscription will inspire the receiver to live a lively life. Buy your subscriptions at Food Matters TV.


Do you have a great gift idea you would like to share? Leave a comment in the blog and let’s have a conversation so you and your loved ones will have the tools to back-up your upcoming New Year’s resolutions.

Fa la la la la la la la,