11 Reasons Why Your Gaining Weight

tape-403593_1280What do you do when the scale is not budging? What I would do if I were you is dig deep and be the observer in your life and witness what is going on. It’s time for honesty with yourself and your lifestyle.

Many things can put a hold on weight loss; traveling and eating out, following an extreme diet during the week but gorging on the weekends, too much partying with alcohol, stress eating, not preparing healthy foods and giving in to fast food for the convenience. The list of things affecting your weight can go on and on.

I want to empower you by letting you know that you can lose the weight you desire when you put your mind and body and soul together.

Here are 11 reasons why you might not see the number on the scale dropping:

  1. You’re doing it alone. We all need help in areas in our life and losing weight is one of them. Ask for help by having a healthy living buddy, family member or get a coach that can assist you.
  1. Where is your focus? Are you focused on losing weight? I would focus on releasing weight and the desired outcome. When you lose things you typically want to find them, right? Lose weight and then find it again on your hips??? It’s a play on words that can work for you.
  1. Changing everything in your life at once too quickly. Your subconscious will protest and take you back to a more comfortable mode of operating- sweets, fried foods comfort foods and junk. Remember the tortoise won the race not the hare, who went to fast and got too cocky.

4. The scale may not be telling you the truth- This is a good thing. Your body will be changing but he scale might not yet especially of your building  muscle where you have never had muscles before. Muscle weighs more that fat.

  1. Stress. When you’re stressed and eat, the body is not in digestive mode and will not absorb all the nutrients in the food. When your body is depleted in nutrients it sends hunger signals and you eat more food still in a stressed out mode; therefore, you eat more and the cycle continues. Try deep breathing exercises or meditating during your day. If you don’t have time for mediation practice, sit for 5 minutes in quietness before you eat.
  1. You’re so obsessed with “trying” to lose weight through dieting and cutting calories that you don’t enjoy your food and you end up snacking a lot to feel satisfied.
  1. You haven’t changed you mind about who you are. Changing your thoughts (mind) can change your life. You can’t succeed at weight loss (release) goals from the person that you were. You must change your thoughts, feeling and emotions to create success.
  1. You’re not rewarding yourself and your success in life. After complaining about nothing working when I’m doing everything right in a certain area of my life, I had a friend ask me if I ever reward myself for all my accomplishments. That was a big ah-ha moment for me. I have never rewarded myself when reaching goals! I would jumpstart to the next goal or project without taking time to acknowledge my success even the tiny ones.
  1. You’re dehydrated. We all know to drink more water. Just do it.
  1. Your hormones are whacked out. It’s no secret that women’s hormones control their mood and hunger. What do you do when you feel like you can’t control them and you can’t lose weight? Eat clean. The cleaner (organic, no processed foods, dairy free, hormone free, no alcohol) your foods are, your body can better regenerate, heal and allow your body to lose weight.
  1. You’re not getting enough sleep. Get some sleep my pretty ladies. You deserve it and so does your body.

Leave a message below and let me know if anything in the list above resonates with you or if you’ve discovered a reason why you’re not losing weight and what changes you’re going to make to attain your weight loss goals.