I woke up really excited this morning! Do you want to know why?

adventure-767042_1280 I woke up really excited this morning! Do you want to know why?

Well…there was no reason to wake up full of excitement except being high on life.

I have DECIDED that I will be happy no matter what. The little things that irritate me that can become big things are no longer part of my world.

When frustration, disappointment or anger hits me and tries to take me down, I will feel it, face it and get through it with out all the emotional drama that could possible come with it.

If things aren’t going my way I’m taking it as a sign that I need to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to my inner voice.

Am I going in the wrong direction and something bigger is trying to tell me with lack luster results?

Do I need to slow down and take a hard look at my intention and motivation for certain projects in life and business?

Do I need to slow down and enjoy the process instead of trying to speed through life and actually missing it?

There are days that I’m rocking and rolling with the energy of a GODDESS and then there on those days that I’m scraping my body off my yoga mat just to get going.

I’m not going to lie. Life can be hard and frustrating. Damn it. But I’m bigger than my emotions. Did you know the your emotions are there to let you know if your in vibrational alignment to all that you desire? If you’re feeling bad, then you’re not heading towards what you desire so you need to shift gears.

I have had clients lose all their excitement about their weight loss success because they were 4 pounds off their original goal. They just set themselves up instead of looking at the 16 pound weight loss they accomplished.

You have to be the one that sets yourself up for excitement even if you feel you have no hope. Don’t forget you’re in control and when life has you down start choosing better feeling thoughts that will direct you back to excitement. Life is a flow so feel it and create the excitement you desire.

Here are a few tips to love with excitement daily:

  1. Stop worrying about your weight and appreciate your body.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Take chances.
  4. Love more.
  5. Find your passion- it’s there, I promise.
  6. Get off the grid and back into nature.
  7. Pray.
  8. Eat watermelon- I just love watermelon.
  9. No more gossiping.
  10. Face your fears.
  11. Speak up for someone or something that can’t speak up.
  12. Plan and adventure trip even if it’s a year away.
  13. Try a different recipe.
  14. Stop the drama…just stop it.
  15. Sit and just breathe for 5 minutes- medicine for the soul.
  16. Play the What If Up game instead of the What If Down game. Here are a few examples: What if I get to lose 20 pounds by Christmas and feel hot and sexy in my body; what if I reach out to that old friend that I had a falling out with and we rekindled our friendship; what if I could start that company and it becomes a huge success; what if I started a workout routine that I love and I ended up feeling like a strong goddess with a slamming body; what if I could make time for myself and get excited about life.
  17. YOGA…practice yoga… it’s life changing.
  18. Make no excuse and just go for it.
  19. Stop watching the news.
  20. Cry and get out the negative emotions. They have to get out in order to move past them.
  21. DECIDE to be happy and live with excitement at what the universe will throw your way.

Live life to the fullest and be full of excitement about what the day, month or year will bring. You have to live every day, right? Why not choose to live a life of excitement?

Leave a message below and share your top ways to get live with excitement!