Do you want to discover more about yourself?

diary-92652_1280On any journey in life, it is always good to keep track of your progress. A great way to observe you life transitions is though journaling. Now, in all transparency, I have had a love hate relationship with journaling. In the past, I was always a bit nervous to write in my journal. I was fearful that simple little me would I have nothing to write…. and that was scary. I was judging myself before I even started.

I was also extremely scared someone (ex-boyfriend) would read my thoughts and judge me, simple little me.

I overcame my fears and now have a wonderful relationship with my heart. As I write in my journal, I let my dreams, fears, needs and ideas spill out on the pages. And what I love most is writing thanks for my life.

My favorite time to journal is after I meditate. It’s when I feel most connected and ready to receive guidance, release what is not serving me and have a few lines of gratitude to lighten my day.

When you are daring enough to put pen to paper, you discover more about yourself than you would in a lifetime of not journaling.

You might realize you’re doing something in your life because that is that is what is expected of you, but actually, it’s not in you heart. Realizing this can be the catapult into the life you have dreamed about.

Here is a tip: Writing in a paper journal with a pen is said to be more powerful than typing on a computer. When your thoughts flow through your hands and onto your journal, it is has major power. It’s spiritual!

Here are a few ways that the ritual of journaling can help you on your weight loss and health journey:

  • Write down your intentions. There is incredible power writing down what your desire.
  • Adding action steps can help get the momentum going towards achieving your goals.
  • During times of stress in your life, instead of hitting Ben and Jerry’s you can go to your trusty journal and write out all the challenges without the negative effects of ice cream.
  • You’ll discover weak and strong spots in your personality that can help you lead a more accomplished and beautiful life
  • You can measure your life and changes in stages. Weight loss, healthy eating, lifestyle changes are all easily tracked and your progress is staring you in the face. Whala!
  • When I journal I like to add in 5 things I am grateful for and why I’m grateful for them. When you focus on all the good things in life, then you will, by the Law of Attraction, attract more great things to you.
  • You will relieve stress that could have possibly leaded you to downing half a cheesecake.
  • Writing allows you to connect to your inner guide, your intuition.
  • You’ll start noticing patterns on why you act or react the way you do and change them, if necessary.
  • Journaling allows creativity to flow.
  • Tracking your food and exercise daily is the best way to see (and not forget) what you consumed and how you sweated.
  • It clears your mind so the solution to what ever is bothering you can come forth.

There are so many more benefits to journaling but I think you get the drift.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have enough time in my day to journal”. Time is a precious commodity and we don’t have a lot of free time to ourselves. However, taking five minutes in the morning after you wake up or in the evening before you go to bed can start you on a delicious journey to your authentic you.

Start a challenge today. Pick up a journal or notebook and start with one thought and see how the floodgate opens to your soul.

Leave me a message below and tell me how you ritual of journaling is going.