3 Things I learned about myself while on a juice fast

Smoothies with copy During my professional dance career, I have tried many types of “diets”. Did they work? No.

Now as a dream body and lifestyle coach, I have studied nutrition and definitely know eating whole foods from the earth is the only way to lose weight, maintain your weight and live happily in your body.

There is a lot of hype especially where I live in NYC, about juicing; There ‘s a juice bar one every other street corner and theses juicing companies are making a pretty penny with claims for weight loss, radiant skin and feeling great.

Here’s the truth…they are right. Juicing is a wonderful way to flood your body with nutrition. The body doesn’t have to do much work to digest any fibrous or processed foods so the nutrition from the juice is absorbed into the body very quickly, similar to alcohol but with great benefits and no hangovers.

So this dream body and lifestyle coach dropped whole foods for five days and I juiced.

Here are three things that I learned about myself:

  1. I can do it. Yes there was hunger a few times but actually feeling hungry is a good thing. These days we’re afraid to feel hungry and aren’t able to control our food intake so we keep eating snacks all day. This doesn’t give the digestive system break at all so it keep digesting food all day. Your digestive system needs a break so the real deep healing can begin. To top it off, I was not even tempted by the aroma coming from the many restaurants that line the streets of NY, a concern of mine before I started the juice cleanse. I learned that I do have the discipline needed for the challenge and it inspires me to know where I’ll use that discipline next.
  1. I felt alive, inspired and full of energy. I didn’t need three ”square meals” to feel satisfied. Juicing was giving me all I needed to thrive. I learned that we are energy, as we all know, but the lighter I fed my body the lighter it felt energetically and that cleared up a lot of space in my energy, brain.
  1. My body was giving messages to slow down and that’s exactly what I did the first two days of my juice cleanse. For a woman who walks all over NY and is always on the go, slowing down was challenging but so rewarding. Even my yoga practice was slow moving; not my usual sweaty flow. I was in better communication with my body and was willing to slow down and just BE. I learned that it was ok to slow down and enjoy the present moment.

Am I here to say that you should try juicing? Yes.

But start with one day. I was impressed with myself with the fact that I succeeded on a juice fast for five days. I felt like superwoman.

If you’re not ready for a juice fast, challenge yourself to an all day smoothie day. Drinking smoothies all day give your digestion a break too. Blended foods are considered pre-digested and the stomach doesn’t have to work so hard to digest the foods and the your precious energy can be used for other bodily functions. Pretty cool.

Stay tuned for my next adventure in health, weight loss and life. Maybe it will be a yummy watermelon fast???

Have you done a juice fast? Leave me a message below and tell me what you learned about yourself while juicing.