Enliven your day at breakfast?

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and sometimes it just doesn't fit into our schedule the way it should.

How we begin the day will determine how the rest of the day goes. It will determine if we feel energized or if we are dragging with a lack of energy.

What we put in our bellies is directly related to how we physically feel. So if you are a skip breakfast and grab the coffee mug morning person then this blog is totally for you.

We all need and crave energy. I know I do!

Sometimes it is so easy to want to grab a quick bowl of boxed cereal or even forget breakfast and just get through the morning on 1-2 cups of coffee for the energy needed to survive the day.

I don't want you to just survive through the day though; I want you to thrive through the day.

I also don't want you to go on the "crash and crave" roller coaster for the entire day. I’ve been there myself many times in the past and it doesn’t feel good. If you begin your morning with caffeinated coffee and sugar, you will crash, and you'll be either too tired to make it through your responsibilities or you'll be reaching for another cup of coffee to get through a few more hours.

Green smoothies are another quick alternative to a fast breakfast that can help energize us throughout the entire day. When you toss in some greens, a little fruit, and a healthy liquid like coconut water or plain water, you are bound to feel energetic and ready to take on the day.

Starting the day with a smoothie also gives you needed antioxidants which help protect our bodies from free radicals, and it is a great low glycemic start. Eating a low glycemic breakfast will help curb your sugar cravings for the entire day and it will also help with not crashing.

Along with a change in lifestyle that I guide my clients through, if you desire weight loss, a smoothie is a filling and delicious way to release weight and attain your dream body. Green smoothies are perfect for fat burning because they are nutrient rich, loaded with fiber, low in fat and tasty.

Next time you want a quick breakfast, try a delicious smoothie that will leave you feeling energized and motivated.

A morning smoothie will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to produce natural energy and naturally boost your metabolism. So, what are you reaching for tomorrow morning? I know I will be pulling out my blender and getting ready for some long lasting energy.

If your mornings are rushed then I suggest making your smoothies at night and storing them in mason jars so they are ready to grab and go. If you are in a hurry in the morning, I urge you to sit down and drink your smoothie in calm and relaxed state. It will serve your mindset and your digestion.

Paige’s favorite Green Smoothie ( keeping the world green one smoothie at a time)

Serves 2

Three huge handfuls of baby kale

2 ripe bananas

One Cup frozen cherries

One cup frozen Blueberries

Tbsp. of Maca

One scoop of Sun Warrior Protein Powder

2 Tbsps of ground flax seeds


Water to fill up the blender

Blend the ingredients together in high-powered blender until smooth.

Pour into a glass to enjoy and store the remaining green smoothie in mason jars for two days.

This recipe fills my Vitamix blender all the way. You can play with the amount of water you use. For a thicker smoothie use less water.

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and share your favorite smoothie recipe!