Take Bold Action Now!

Take bold action NOW.

We all have something inside of us that is eager to get out and be expressed in the world. A new job, a new relationship, artistic expression, a novel or even starting a new career. What gifts are still nesting within you that still haven’t blossomed into their full potential? These gifts are your dreams and whatever you dream you can create.

In our busy lives, these dreams and visions in our hearts get pushed to the side as life keeps moving along. Before long, you realize five years have passed and you still haven’t picked up that paint brush, learned to play guitar, started your own business or taken the dance class you wanted to try.

I’ve had the desire to learn how to sew. Nothing fancy, a throw pillow here and there and new duvet cover that doesn’t look like anything that I could buy in the store. We’re talking about an original Paige masterpiece. I took sewing lessons, bought the sewing machine and…...nothing. NO Masterpiece. I haven’t sewed anything. Why? Well, life took over and I didn’t make the choice to schedule time aside to work on my sewing skills (which probably need a lot of help by now). I still desire to put my head on a pretty pillow that has a unique cover on it made by me, crooked seams and all.

Here’s the deal. Until you decide to take action and start making your dream a reality then that dream will stay dormant in your mind. You, and only you, have the choice to make it happen. You’ll be surprised at how taking one baby step at a time gives you the momentum, and before long the seed grows into a budding flower and then in time  blossoms.

Take Inspired Action:

Take BOLD action NOW!! Do something toward making your dream a reality. Make the phone call, research the information, sign up for the class, start cleaning one drawer at a time or begin to save money for your dream vacation. You have power within you to see your dreams/ideas/visions if you get started on it. Even if it’s a tiny goal of going cleaning out a closet. Once you start you will feel so relieved, happy, powerful and inspired to do more for yourself. Have fun and let me know what you’re taking bold actions toward.