Do you want a cupcake?

What happens when you’re stressed, angry or bored?cupcake-279523_640 Earlier this week I had to do something that made me mad. It was an inconvenience on a busy day and I was not happy about it. I was playing the victim and growling about it. On my way to the disruption of my day, I passed a well known bakery and declared that on the way back to the subway I was going to have a cupcake. I deserved a cupcake because I was going out of my way for someone else’s negligence.

Well, I did exactly what I said I was going to do and I made sure I walked past the same sweet smelling bakery and marched in with an “I’ve earned a cupcake attitude”. I bought a cupcake and a cookie and couldn’t wait to get home to devour them.

I’m a health coach but I’m human.

While on the subway as I headed back home, I began thinking about my action for that day. What lead me to stay in such a bad mood? I was forced to do something I didn’t want to do but I was forcing myself to suffer longer because of my attitude toward the situation and the person involved. I was extending my aggravation much longer than I needed to and staying in a bad mood.

Now, I’m not saying you have to be Pollyanna about situations and say it’s “all good” when deep down inside it’s not. I think its very important to go thorough the emotions and get the feelings out. If you try to suppress the feelings they will come back to bite you in the butt.

So did I eat the cupcake and cookie? Yes and no. I took a bite of the cookie and I didn’t like it. I took a bite of the cupcake and it was too sweet, and I threw the rest out.

It was a big waste of money but a huge learning experience of how I control my happiness. I chose not to be happy for almost a whole day. I would have never wanted to stop in the bakery if I was feeling good. I would have wanted a green juice from the newest juice bar to give myself a thriving treat for my body and taste buds.

Next time, I’m going to decide to be happy no matter what. I’m in control of my happiness, reaction and responses to life and I don’t want to respond in an unhealthy way again. It’s not liberating…it’s debilitating.

I share this with you so the next time you find yourself emotionally eating, stop, journal, talk to someone or talk yourself through your feelings and get it all out because holding emotions in will not serve you. From there, you will make better, healthier choices that support your emotions and life.

Would the cupcake kill me? Of course not. But continuing to react in the same destructive manner might. It could possible lead to a pattern of unhealthy reactions with food, weight gain and then self- judgment.

Feel. Breathe. Then respond.

Leave a message below and tell me what triggers you. Once you voice it to the world, it no longer has a much power over you.