National Cancer Day

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Today, February 4th, is National World Cancer Day. Cancer is huge epidemic in our society so you must arm yourself with PREVENTION. Going to the drug store and buying boxes with pretty little pink ribbons is not the cure to cancer. Usually, what you are buying with a pink ribbon plastered on the box is full of cancer causing chemicals. 

I encourage you to support the organization or foundation of your choosing in the fight against cancer, but when you FIGHT anything you just get more things to fight. It's the Law of Attraction- like attracts like.

So today I inspire you to send out a boomerang of love and prevention.

  • Eat only whole foods that came from the earth-nothing processed or in a package.
  • Eat organic foods.
  • Use coconut oil as a moisturizer in the winter months instead of a lotion from the drug store that is full of chemicals.
  • Laugh today and take things lighter.
  • Think happy and healthy thoughts to crowd out the negative and fearful thoughts.
  • Use essential oils to scent your body instead of perfumes bought in a department store that are full of chemicals-your favorite scent is a manufactured scent.
  • Watch Dying To Have Known,  a film documentary from Filmmaker Steve Kroschel.
  • Move more, sit less.
  • Cut sugar out of your diet today.
  • Get outside for some fresh air.
  • Watch the Documentary Food Matters.


There is so much YOU can do to live a healthy and empowered life. Prevention is key.  Click here to get my Free Ebook on 5 Steps To Kickstart Weight Loss and Having Your Dream Body