Become Who You Desire To Be

Making changes in your life can be extremely hard. But they don't have to be. Back in 2008, I struggled leaving behind my dance career for something that was more fulfilling. The problem was that I was attached to my status as a dancer and didn't know who I was without the title. I was lost. fearful of my future and sad in knowing it was time to stop dancing.

In retrospect, if I just realized that I shine and still have purpose no matter what my title is or what people call me.

I made it hard by judging myself and trying to stick a label on my being:  A yoga teacher, health coach, daughter, sister, girlfriend, chocolate lover.

How does this relate to now? I see so many ladies in my health and lifestyle coaching practice struggling to change their diet and lifestyle. They're confused and addicted to their current labels , however they desperately want to change.

She's the party girl that stays out late and eats crap and drinks a lot to keep up her weekend performance.

She's the one who always likes to bake goodies (read: unhealthy) to show her love so what is she going to do  to show her love?

She's the successful woman who wines and dines her clients and must partake in the heavy dinners and bottles of wine in order to make a sell and play the game.

Here's the thing. You are the Change you are seeking.

To live a healthy  lifestyle, lose weight, and  keep it off you must become the woman you desire to be. You are her now. You're  already the successful woman in your ideal HOT body and healthy life.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How would the person that is already inside you behave in certain situations?
  2. How would she dress?
  3. How would she eat?
  4. How would she mover her body?
  5. How would she laugh?
  6. How would she STAND UP for her purpose in life?

Embody the woman you desire to be NOW and the changes you're desiring will be so much smoother- and without the drama that I slapped in my face when I was struggling.

Go out and shine!