Do I have to exercise?

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How have those New Year resolutions been going. I hope you’re still fired up and strutting your stuff in the new year.

As most if you already know, I am a yoga instructor in NYC. I often get asked if it’s really necessary to “workout” to lose weight and stay healthy. Absolutely yes.

Along with my belief that to lose weight you must eat a healthy diet, exercise is essential to losing weight and keeping it off.

Burn baby burn, disco inferno. That’s what happening when you shake your groove thing. You are a fat burning machine. So dust off your workout clothes and let’s get you moving. Here are my top choice to wiggle what you've got:

  • Walking- walking is the number one weight loss exercise for anybody and everybody. Walking can be done anywhere. No excuses and you don’t need any extra equipment or gym membership. It’s a win win.
  • Yoga- My personal favorite way to connect to my body. Yoga is a complete  body workout that leaves your stretched out and strengthened. You will get to know your body inside and out sweating on your mat.
  • Good ole’ fashion aerobics- I love work out dvd’s and you don’t have to go anywhere. Just put the dvd into your computer and play. Simple and effective.
  • Spinning- in NY the spinning craze has taken over with Soulcycle. Spin to loud, kick your butt music with nice strong affirmations thrown in. Most spinning classes can be expensive but it’s worth a treat every once in a while and changes up your routine.
  • Crossfit- For my hard core lovlies out there, Crossfit would be a wise choice. It’s a high intensity and you’ll never get bored. It’s designed to target all of the major components of physical fitness, including endurance, flexibility, speed, power and cardiorespiratory fitness.
  • Jogging- pick up the pace and surprise yourself on how far you can jog. No need to train for a marathon. Just have fun.
  • Hiking- This is the best exercise if you want to be in nature for a while. All your need are some good hiking shoes along with water and snack and you're good to go.

The truth is not only does exercise help you lose weight, it can lead to better emotional help and mental health. It a lifestyle choice.




Leave a comment below and let me know what exercises get you off the couch and in touch with your body.

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