Say hello!

  Hey there life seekers. Have you been hiding behind your computer too much lately an missing interaction with real people, not their profile picture? Well, it's time to get social and sit down with a hot cup of tea with a friend or plan a fun outing to meet new like-minded people.

Before we move on to this weeks post make sure you read my last post on fearlessness. Click here you fearless warrior.

In our modern world we spend a lot of time with ourselves, on our computer being “social” on Facebook and Twitter, but we’re not being very social anymore with human beings.

Where is the physical interaction in life gone?

When I was growing up my  neighborhood would have potluck parties in the summer. All  the families would meet in a cul-de-sac in the summer and hang out and catch up and share recipes. You actually knew your neighbors and shared life over great food and drinks as the kids played. These day it’s hard to know the person living in the apartment above you in NYC.

Let’s take a stand and start changing our social media back to social reality.

I had a roommate a while ago that spent all his time watch MTV’s Real World (I’m totally aging myself right now). What was troublesome is that he spent all his time watching the Real World instead of living in his own real world.

  • Say hello to a stranger walking down the street today. Look them in the eye and care for that person.
  • Host a potluck dinner party with the theme such as, Your Fav Healthy Dish That Will Knock My Socks Off!
  • Say “hi” to your neighbors. When I was young my parents had moved into a temporary house for a short time while their house was being built. The day after we moved in the neighbors from across the street showed up with a cake to welcome us to the community. If my memory is serving me correctly, it was cake!! What went through my mind at the time was how sweet they were and what a nice gesture it was to bring us cake. Let’s eat it. I know times have changed, but this memory is still strong. Can we open our hearts and kitchen to our new neighbors? Can we just walk up with fresh flowers to say, “Hi, I was thinking about you. How are things?” This is is a great step in opening your heart, my friends.
  • Connect to your local farmers at a Farmers Market. In NYC we have an abundance of Farmers Markets with fresh foods picked the day before. It’s really cool to get to know the people who grow your food. You’ll also recognize the faces of healthy food seekers and get to know them too.

Have fun looking someone in the eyes and really connecting.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you became social.