Deep Inside You Are Fearless

sandboarding-67663_640 Welcome back to my series of my Top Ten Ways To Live The Life Of Your Dreams. If you missed the last post click here to catch up.

Here's tip 6:

Exploring new things in life can be the boost to re-energize your life.

Try something new this week. Do the thing that you’ve always wanted to do but “didn’t have the time or money”.

I don’t want you to look back on your death bed with regrets.

Now is the time to be fearless. Not tomorrow or next summer, RIGHT NOW as Van Halen poetically wrote in their song.

Here are some ideas:

  • Start your new business now
  • Plan a fabulous vacation
  • Think bigger and then do it
  • Move to a new city in order to make your dreams come true
  • Take a dance class or a trapeze class
  • Learn how to swim or scuba dive
  • Be the first to say you’re sorry- this one’s a biggie
  • Be the first one to say I LOVE YOU
  • Move your body and begin to eat healthier with the next morsel of food you put in your mouth instead of waiting for Monday morning to eat nutritious
  • Step outside of your box
  • Be the real you, not the politically correct you
  • Communicate from your heart
  • Trust your self- make a decision on your own without taking a  poll of all your friends. Your inner self knows better anyway
  • With the above said, ask for help if you’re the person who thinks you can do everything by yourself. Sometimes we need a helping hand
  • Be a vegetarian for one day a week


Stay open to possibilities. Get a mentor or life and wellness coach who can help you take big leaps. Take action. What does “fearless” look like to you?