What do you have to offer?


Here is the fourth installment of the Top Ten Ways to Achieve the life you love. If you missed the last post click here.


Achieving your desires and goals is spectacular and you feel on top of the world for some time but then there is always that moment of, now what? How about helping others achieve their goals. You could tutor a child who is struggling in math (that was me); you could babysit children so their mom has some time to catch up to her life; how about helping out an organization like the Humane Society and walk the dogs; or volunteer for organizations in your hood that call to your heart.


When you're always focused on yourself, life can get a little dull. That’s because we were put here to serve. When you focus your attention on helping others you will feel a sense of love that isn’t felt when you’re sitting by yourself at home on your computer on Facebook. You feel joy and a lightness in your heart that is priceless.


Being of service is a healthy choice in life. Next time you're hanging out with your friends, instead of going to the bar or eating a heavy meal at a restaurant, go to the park and volunteer to pick up trash. Connect to nature and humanity. Your body, heart and soul will thank you.