Trash it

Hello there. Here is the third installment of my Top Ten Ways To Have The Life You Love. If you missed the last post, click here. Are you thinking the same thoughts today that got you where you are? Here comes some tough love. If you want to change you MUST let go of thoughts and feelings that got you to where you are. Trash those negative and limiting thoughts. Are you overweight and desiring to be at your ideal body? Is your lifestyle not making you happy? It’s imperative that you play Charlie's Angels and be a detective of your thoughts, emotions and words. This is the inner work that will help you move past the old and create the new.

Some great ways to become AWARE (awareness is the key to change) is to journal, meditate, take nature walks with no headphones in your ears. Ask yourself, “what are my thoughts on this situation or subject?”.  If your thoughts are negative that means your emotions are negative too. Dang it, is there hope? No fear, my dear, you can choose to raise your vibration by thinking about what it is that you do want: a HOT body, A HOT boyfriend or a HOT career where you travel the world. Get rid of the old and allow the new.