It's time to connect to your spiritual self

Here is the second tip of my Top Ten Way To Get The life You Love. I hope you enjoy it. If you missed tip # 1 click here to read it. It's time to take a break.....

Pushing the “pause” button in life and sitting down for some reflection or silence is a pathway that can open doors for you. Heres the have to sit. Through a mediation practice many people can begin to drop their baggage they've been holding onto. Just connect to spirit, universe, God, angels... whatever name you have for the Divine.


Before you say, “She doesn’t get it. I don’t have time for mediation”, I completely hear you and understand. What I know from my own experience is when I don’t MAKE the time to sit in silence and just BE I have all the time in the world to feel disconnected, nervous, fearful and put my hands on a big chocolate bar to make me feel better. That, my friends, is not healthy and not the life I want to live. Can you really connect to inspiration when you're full of anxious energy?


  • Do you have time for a happy hour drink?
  • Do you have time to watch reality shows?
  • Do you have time to read trash magazines?
  • How long do you spend at your computer shopping online?
  • Do you have time to watch the news? It repeats constantly.


Then you definitely have time to meditate.  5 minutes is all you need to get started. Quieting your mind with meditation soothes your mind and allows you to witness what’s happening in your life with some distance and without judgement. Sitting in silence is calming and gives you an experience of contentment. Letting go of thoughts which are not serving you will lighten your load. Literally. You will be more in tune to what your body needs and will eat healthier.