Get excited about your future

Over the next ten blog post I'm going to be giving you simple and easy tools you can use to create a body and life you love. Thats' a big undertaking. But the reality is, we make things a lot more complicated than they are.  Remember, it's the simple things in life that make you overjoyed with happiness. I hope this serves you at the right time and place in your life.  

Step #1: Get excited about your future

Life seems to be going at lightning speed and it’s time to plan how you want it to turn out.

What’s your vision of where you want to go in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or 5 years?

You see, when you write down your goals and dreams and start taking action, they become visions. Visions are your future if you take a proactive approach, allowing for the nice surprises along the way.  If you need guidance, ask for help.

Ask and you shall receive. But you must ask.

Whatever your desires are, get out of your own box and talk to a health coach, life coach, relationship coach or wealth coach. Talk to a friend over a nice cup o. It's ok to say you need some help. I would not have gotten where I'm at if I had not reached out along my path and asked for guidance.

The teacher appears when the student is ready.

Take Inspired action:

Write down what your excited about and where you see your life, career, health and finances in the future. Whatever you write down, TRIPLE IT. Allow yourself to get in the miraculous zone and have fun.  This is a great tool to see where your limiting beliefs pop up. I moved to NYC with $300.00 in my pocket. I had no job and only one friend who wasn't in town at the time. But I had a dream to dance in NYC and I knew somehow, someway I could make it in the big apple. You know what? I did! I didn't let my current circumstances stop me from my dream. I encourage you to dream big too.