Let it go

I hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day. I’m still in shock that it’s already summer. Since we’re past “spring cleaning”, we’re going to talk about summer cleaning. Summer is about lightening up and being carefree. What’s in your closet that needs to be thrown out? And I’m not just talking about the closets in your home. it’s time to let go of the past and start living in the present moment so your future will be bright. The way you deliberately design it. But hold up...is there something stopping you from your awesome journey? Stuck in the back of our minds might be memories and past pains that aren’t serving us anymore. Sure you can hold on to them until your dying day (we all kick the bucket at some point) but that is no way to live. Can you just think about letting go of whatever keeps you mad, scared, and stuck? Yes, you can. Just thinking about letting go of a grudge that you have on a friend, family member or business associate from the past is a great starting point. Listen up…. whatever vendetta, voodoo dolls you have in your drawer or  angry feelings you have been harboring deep within you are not hurting them (thank goodness)-they're hurting you (dang it). You’re the only one suffering. Frankly, you have to be the one to let ‘it” go and move on.  How do you do it?  One thought at a time. Start reaching for a better feeling or thought about the situation.

Here is an example:

1a. Old thought: My girlfriend dumped me and she’s dating a jerk.

1b  New thought: You know what, I do miss her but we were having problems fighting about everything and just not communicating. There is this cute girl at work I would like to get to know better.


2a.Old thought:  I’m overweight and unhappy because my husband kept buying cookies when I was dieting and ate them. He’s wasn’t  supporting me.

2b. New Thought: My husband was just expressing his love for me by buying me my favorite cookies. As I continue my path on a healthy lifestyle I’ll let him know that he can show me his love for me by taking a walk with me or buying me fruit to eat when I want a snack.


Take inspired action:

Sit for 5 minutes alone (without any technology on) and ask yourself what thoughts you need to start letting go of. Then start reaching for a better feeling thought. It sounds simple, but some stuff will come up. Just be with it and know that you're on your way to healing. When you practice this, you are allowing yourself to live in the now and create a beautiful future.