Where do I begin?

Lately, I have received many questions from clients and friends about how to begin to start changing things in their lives. Well, basically ya’ll, you just have to begin. Thats the secret in life. Once you begin you get your momentum going and things will begin to unfold in an awesome way.

You must be extremely persistent on your path or you can wind up in a ditch (your old habits, same old thing) and back to your old patterns. I recently gave up my addiction to drinking coffee every morning. YES! It took a long time and many failed attempts to give up my cup of joe. I finally stuck through letting go of the java when I stepped back and connected to what benefits I would attain: waking up feeling refreshed rather than sluggish; I would sleep better, and my skin would feel better since caffeine can dry out your skin.

To begin anything it’s best to set up an action plan. I did. I stuck to my action plan and was able to free my dependence on coffee without and withdrawals. Mission accomplished. I felt powerful and like I could conquer anything.

You have to start to expand your mind and look at yourself and your world in a whole new way. You have to decide to wake up every morning with a new mindset and DECIDE to begin taking steps in the direction of your heart’s desire.

Take Inspired action:

What’s one thing you’ve wanted to change, give up, or start? Write it down. What you can do everyday to get you to move toward that desire? Do it. You’re more powerful than you think. If you fall off the horse, get back on and begin again. As you wake up everyday, you’ll gain a deep respect for yourself and feel like you can take on the world.

Are you ready to begin your journey toward your dreams? Contact me for a strategy session at paige@paigehinton.com.


Have fun!