I know how confusing living a healthy lifestyle can be. One day you should eat more protein, the next day you’re being told to do a 21-day juice cleanse. What’s going to work for you? I know for certain that weight loss, maintaining weight loss, feeling great in your body and having an abundance of energy all consist of a consistent healthy lifestyle. This includes eating whole foods, moving your body, having time for your inner self and making your dreams come true.

My goal is to help you understand your body’s individual needs  guiding  you with nutrition tips, life tips and  fitness tips helping you live a kick ass healthy lifestyle.

Why should you listen to me? I’ have a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. I’m also a Law of Attraction coach, Body Enlightenment coach, Dream Builder Life Coach and Yoga Instructor in NYC. I guide people to release what’s not working in their lives in their health, wellness, and lifestyle, inviting in new possibilities, bigger visions, and expectations into their lives and get great results.  I’ve trained with Tera Warner  Mary Morrissey and Christie Whitman. I have made major transformations in my life and I know through setting INTENTIONS and following with ATTENTION, anything is possible.


In my past life I was a professional dancer based out of NYC and performing all across the United States. I was the dance captain of all the shows I performed in including Footlooseon Broadway and Night’s On Broadway in Atlantic City. I was the assistant to the Choreographer for Toni Braxton’s Revealed In Las Vegas, as well as assistant in many industrials and commercials. I have a passion to help people look at their big picture (dance routines, their perfect health, life dreams) and help make their visions come true.

I consider myself a self-help junkie and nutrition lover. Honestly, I could probably open my own used book store with all the self-help and health books I’ve purchased in the past. I read them all but did I actually apply what I was learning? No.

I was a sugar addict, waking up early to get cup of joe in so I could function and eating processed foods. Yikes! I was constantly worried about gaining weigh and not appreciating and loving my body in the moment.  I kept focusing on the lack in my life and so I kept attracting more lack, hustling and working my butt off to make ends meet and wondering what happened to the last 10 years while craving coffee and muffin tops for breakfast. I don’t want that for you and I can help you take a non-judgmental look at what you have created in your health and your life and move forward to deliberately create a healthy, amazing life that you want to experience. I had  a lot of work to do and I’m now here to teach it.


I’m here to to help you remember that you are a magnificent creator. You are always creating but the key is to look at what are you are focusing on. Take a honest look at your life. Are you happy with what you’ve created?

If you’re focusing on the lack, then you keep getting lack. Are you focused on not feeling well, then you’ll never have vibrant health and well-being. If you focus on not having “the one” in your life, then he/she will stay away.

What are you seeing and feeling? If it’s not the love, happiness and a vibrant healthy body and life that you have always wanted, you can take action today to change what you are attracting.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition: Clayton College of Natural Health
  • New Healers Master Coaching Program with Andrea Beaman
  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification: Laughing Lotus School of Yoga
  • Law of Attraction Life Coaching Certification: Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman
  • Dream Builder Life Coaching Certification: Mary Morrissey.
  • Prenatal 60 hour Certification: Mia Borgatta.
  • Kids Yoga 60 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certification: Bija Kids with Lauren Maples.

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